What is HOT at Kmart right now!

So if you follow me on Instagram/ Facebook or Youtube you know that I don’t mind the odd late night stroll over to the local Kmart on my onesies when the kiddies are in bed – Obviously Phil is at home with them when they are asleep hehe (you would be surprised the replies I would get if I let that go without explanation!)

Here are some of my current faves from Kmart at the moment;

The Jute woven table runner – I can’t believe this table runner is only $8, here it is pictured in our dining room- I love the earthy warmth that baskets and jute give off in our primarily monochrome home.

The Seagrass Basket comes in 2 sizes and is too adorable not to add to the kids rooms- I’ve picked 2 up to  as a place for some of their toys to live.


The White powder coated lamp is a total steal at $12! and gives an elegant finish to our bedside tables. I picked up one for myself and one for Phil- He is really fussy and will only use a lamp if the switch is on the cord so this one was a total winner!



These decorative metal cubes come in a set of 3 for just $5 and can add a lovely pop of detail to your home decor. I like to use mine on my shelves to frame a candle or scent diffuser.

I have recently organised under my sink and am loving the Glass Jar and little wooden drawers from Kmart- The jar has our dishwashing tablets and the drawers store our bin liners, disposable gloves and replacement sponges.

Our current under the sink situation! loving how neat and organised it isWhen Kmart announced that they were doing a marble side table, and for $29…..I had. to. have. it. I Had no idea where it was going but I was getting it- It went against all of my minimal habits but its in our home and I have zero regrets!

I love popping the Grey reversible placemat on our shelves to add some wooden warmth to our space! I recently got the matching coasters as well. These also come in blush pink and they are just as gorgeous!

So these are my current top faves from Kmart Australia right now! I hope you enjoyed them, Send me a message if there is another store that you would like me to do or any other content that you would like to see from me!

Sending love your way,

May xx

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