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I was recently interviewed by the wonderful Shelby Deering who is one of the writers from the Well and Good Blog.

I was so excited to be included in this article along with some really wonderful stylists and I thought I would share my full interview with you guys!

I have since changed our home office around a little but my principals for our work space are the same.

  1. Tell me more about your work as The Minimal Stylist. Where are you based?

We are based in the capital city of Australia, Canberra. At this stage I feel as though I’m only at the beginning of my styling journey, I am actually a freelance hair and makeup stylist and have done that for the best part of 13 years. I think working in the fashion industry does help with knowing what works in terms of things looking balanced and colours working together. When I had my daughter I enrolled in a photography course, I have always had an interest in Photography and it seemed like an important time to learn how to be better at it to capture some of those precious moments with my newborn that fly by all too fast.  When I wasn’t taking photos of my precious girl, I used her nap time as learning/practice sessions and started taking photos of our home to experiment with lighting and played around with the different settings on my camera. As I got more into photography, I also got into the decorating/styling aspect of our home and began to share photos on social media. I now do product photography and styling – mostly for small businesses, I really enjoy that there is something out there that combines my passion for photography with styling and that I can do this while I’m still in my home being a mum to my two little ones. I really enjoy making youtube videos and blogging too, I have designed all of my own websites and really enjoy the technical side of all of that stuff. I hope to be able to post more regularly this year now that my son has started sleeping through and i’m not a complete mum zombie.

  1. I’d like to know more about the Instagram image that we’re planning to feature in the piece (https://www.instagram.com/p/Be2Fo9KHAbm/). This was taken in your own home, correct? Feel free to elaborate on any of the decor details – houseplant, rubber plant print, desk, etc. Why is your workspace a soothing space to you?
This office space is in our little home. It is actually a shared space with our dining room so I wanted to find a slim line desk that was white and obviously fit in with our minimal aesthetic. I found the besta burs desk from ikea and it was the perfect fit for the space I was working with. The extra length doesn’t make you feel like you are working at a cramped space even though it is a lot slimmer than most desks that you would sit at.
I like to keep my desk top clear, I will often add a candle or 2 in my favourite scent, I find having a candle burning very relaxing, The candles pictured here as well as the black wooden board that they sit on are handmade from a little Instagram store called @chiclittleabode. On my desk I also have 1 simple cup of pens and a pair of scissors at arms reach.
I love having plants placed around my home, They are good for cleaning the air and are said to increase productivity and lower stress levels, This is our peace lily which was actually given to me as a gift for my birthday by a family member  – it was the perfect addition to our home. I have it sitting on a simple black bar stool here. My rubber tree plant print is a downloadable print from Jem Creative I think it ties in so well with our peace lily plant, I just love the way they give a slight variation against my minimalistic monochrome theme
I think the key to creating a soothing space is the amount of open/blank space that we have. The desk, walls, shelves and plant pot are all in white so that they make you feel like you are sitting at an open space rather than feeling closed in.
There is absolutely no branding/logos on my desk – I think this can be a huge distraction for the mind- Branding is designed to grab your brains attention so having none of that allows me to have a clear mind and I find that without this distraction I am more likely to stay on task and make minimal mistakes – I work at home so I like to wake up earlier in the morning, make a coffee and get some administration tasks done, This allows me to feel like I have achieved something. I also like to enjoy my cup of coffee and there is something special about sitting in silence and taking in a few quiet minutes to yourself before the insanity of the day in the life of a mum begins.
  1. In our fast-paced lives, having a peaceful, “Zen” home office is more important than ever, especially for those who work from home. What are your top 3 to 5 tips for creating a soothing offices that achieves a feeling of Zen? What elements should readers be sure to include? Any specific colors you can suggest? And what are your tips for going minimalist in a home office?
My tips for creating a zen space is obviously first to declutter! I did this recently in my home office, even though I had been through it before and I felt like it was fairly minimal already –  I was amazed at the things I had in my drawers that I had no use for but I had kept them because they seemed like the sort of thing that I ’should’ have in my home office space. I donated a bunch of stationery items that were sitting in my drawer not being used- I run my small business as a paper free business but I had a drawer full of stationery, – stapler, staple remover, hole punch – brand new, never touched! I got rid of these items as well as many more that I had never used. Think about what is essential for you to do your work and discard the rest- It’s only clogging up your space and therefore your mind. I have kept a few pens, a led pacer, scissors, and a notepad.
I think it helps if you keep the items in your space to 3-4 colours but you can change the textures up, obviously white is known to open up a space and be calming but white can feel clinical to some- Add what makes you happy but don’t go too crazy, it can be distracting for your mind without you even knowing it! Putting together a mood board for your space always helps to give you an idea of what makes you feel calm.
incorporating a plant or 2 to your workspace adds a freshness that can help enhance the feeling of tranquility
Remove all logos/branding/stickers from any products that you choose to have on display in your space
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