Kmart Cubby Makeover for Christmas

I was inspired to get on board the Kmart Cubby Hack bandwagon when I saw the incredible cubby done by @houseoferamiha who I have been a long time follower of on Instagram, as soon as I stumbled across her photos I knew I needed (I mean Madelina and Harvey) needed one of these babies in their lives. The size was a huge plus because we only have a courtyard so space is very limited. I had also read that some people have put the IKEA kitchen inside which was our gift to Maddie for Christmas last year and this seemed like a huge win as well. Last years gift inside this years gift = Major decluttering win (we haven’t actually put the kitchen inside it yet- still debating if we will end up doing it as we don’t think the ikea Kitchen will fare well out in the elements)

Technically this gift is for both of the kids even though Harvey is slightly too little to enjoy it right now so I wanted to keep our cubby as gender neutral as possible. I tried to put as much of our signature minimal style into the cubby as we could. if you check out the hashtag #kmartcubbymakeover you will find super awesome cubby inspiration.

As the studio had been extremely insane this last few weeks in the lead up to Christmas we only managed to get a start on the Cubby on the Friday before Christmas and as we could only do it when Madelina was in bed so that we didn’t ruin the surprise it made for a few VERY late evenings.

I went to Bunnings, Kmart and Big W to get a few accessories for the cubby and I had every intention of sewing some curtains up for it but after adding a few of the accessories I loved the simplicity of it all and decided that less was more so I will be taking a lot of my unnecessary purchases back and I also think that the curtains will probably fade and look manly incredibly fast being outside so we skipped the for that reason too.

We ended up painting the cubby house in a semi gloss exterior paint in the colour lexicon quarter. We decided to do the whole house the one colour because it was both cost and time effective and we chose this colour because we have just done our whole house in this colour (we loooove it) and we have one external door that still needs doing so we figured two birds, one stone and no wasted paint – hooray! We painted them in seperate panels which I think I would recommend because it’s a little easier on the arms being able to stand over the top of the cubby rather than holding your arm up right to paint (we did the underneath of the roof while it was built and the arm burn was real.)

We assembled the cubby house on Christmas Eve and did final paint touch ups and our first coat of the underneath of the roof. I had purchased a couple of fake potted plants for the boxes from big W but they were a little bit big for the flower boxes that are on the from of the cubby so I improvised with some dried out eucalyptus that I had kept aside for styling- and I actually LOVED how this looked. Dried out Eucalyptus is one of my all time favourite decorative accessories!

We put up the Kmart clock ($7) which is the perfect size, but I would like to eventually find one that is the same size but has actual numbers to help with learning how to tell the time.

We chose to put the number 14 on the Cubby as In a few weeks Madelina will be turning 4 and a few days after that Harvey will be turning 1, and for some reason 41 just felt like too large a number.

We also added the Kmart cage solar light hanging off the side and a recycled door mat from Bunnings which was the perfect size for the smaller door way.

I ended up buying these cute black pots from Kmart also and plan on putting some herbs in them as a bit of an activity over the next few weeks while Phil and I both have a little bit of time off.

Madelina’s little face when she woke up on Christmas morning and spotted the cubby set up outside made all the late nights completely worth it and she insisted that she eat her breakfast in their new house. I love that the cubby fits seamlessly into the courtyard and matches the colours of our outdoor furniture. All in all we are super happy with how it turned out and was an absolute steal in comparison to some of the cubby houses that are in the stores at the moment.


All images taken by May Bennison. Please do not use these images without my permission.





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