Getting my hair lightened

Balayaged Hair by Gina at Bombshell hair studio in Casey


So I recently had my hair lightened at a fellow work at home Mums home studio much like my own (except it’s so much bigger – bit Jelly actually!)

Gina at Bombshell Hair based in Casey has a lovely welcoming home studio and Gina has been traveling Australia to learn all of the latest techniques for stunning lived in hair and is an expert at the art of balayage.

Lets start from the beginning:

I was light last year and loving it. Whilst pregnant & overseas I decided to leave Miss M with her Daddy for a few hours and treat myself to a little pampering. I went into a beautiful looking salon that was packed and stocked my favourite hair colour and product brand. I booked in for a treatment and blowdry to make up for not being able to have the odd cocktail and eat fresh seafood and antipasto platters on this trip due to Mr H growing in my tummy. While I was sitting at the mirror I decided I was looking a little brassy so asked if they could just pop a toner in while we were there… easy stuff right? Well I felt like something had gone wrong after they seriously scrubbed my head with shampoo for a 4th time then a 5th time… I was eventually walked back to my seat with hot roots and black ends… WTF?!

So I  decided to keep it dark for a little while for my hairs sake. It had already taken a pretty brutal beating getting it to as light as it was and I wanted to keep my length so that was important to me.

Then H was born and I was itching to feel semi normal again and looked around for someone who I felt really comfortable with who could lighten up my ends again. I found Bombshell hair on instagram (I have an insta addiction- get on it peeps)  and loved her lightening work she also stocked Olaplex & was a small business operating at home (small business represent!) So I was stoked when she said she could take me on as a client.

Our first lightening session took almost 5 hours, I have a mountain of hair and it is fairly long (H was 3 weeks old and was breastfeeding like a little nugget- Gina was totally patient and was happy to work around me feeding Harvey which is amazing for new mums who can’t be away from their little ones for that long without their boobs exploding).

The results were amazing and much lighter than I had expected after having my hair coloured such a dark colour. Thanks to olaplex my hair still felt the same as it did when I walked in – if not a little better.

After our second session I walked out of there feeling like a movie star! My hair was at the level I wanted it to be and was super lush and long. These sessions were almost 6 months apart and with the amazing fade in the balayage I can getaway with the regrowth looking like it is all part of the style. I book in for 8 weekly toners but my hair doesn’t need to be lightened up any more regularly than 2-3 times a year- it is the perfect low maintenance colour!

Gina also gets the most adorable cookies made for her clients with bombshell hair stamped into them- all the little details have been thought of! Gina is currently not taking on new clients but if you follow her on instagram and Facebook you might catch one of her one off appointments and potentially snag yourself a spot as a client!

Also check out her Instagram page for the latest giveaway with a really awesome prize!

Before & After our first lightening session using the balayage technique- a dramatic difference after just one session with Gina from Bombshell hair.

After our second appointment (6 months later – so hair was bleach free for 6 months)

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